Forever Lawn

ForeverLawn Treasure Coast provides unparalleled expertise and the highest quality, natural-looking synthetic grass for residential and commercial properties in Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties in Florida. With more than 20 varieties of premium ForeverLawn artificial grass products, ForeverLawn Treasure Coast offers money and resource-saving alternatives to traditional landscaping options.

K9 Grass

• Unique knitted backing provides extremely

durable construction designed for heavy dog use.

• Dense blade construction is designed to keep

solid waste on top for easy removal.

• No-infi ll design is critical for cleanliness and

odor control.

• Muddy paws and yards transform into clean,

beautiful grass areas.

• Yards and dogs are cleaner and safer thanks

to built-in antimicrobial protection.

• Exclusive Flow-Through™ technology allows

exceptional drainage of liquid waste, with

drainage rates of over 3000 inches per hour.

• Cushioned feel is easy on dogs’ joints.

• K9Grass is always usable, always green.


Artificial Playground Grass

Our artificial Playground Grass is lush, beautiful green grass that is safe for kids to play on, soft to fall on, and cost effective.


Playground Grass Ultra

Developed by ForeverLawn®, our artificial Playground Grass was designed to hold up to the extreme traffic a playground endures. We have devised a unique blade structure and new yarn that resists wear up to four times that of other synthetic grasses. We have a revolutionary new seaming system that ensures that your kids will wear out before our seams do.


Playground Grass is also designed for extreme safety. Playground Grass has been certified by Detroit Testing Laboratories to meet and exceed the ASTM 1292 fall height requirements for up to 15 feet.


ForeverLawn Landscape

Premium synthetic grass offering exceptional durability, realism, and performance for the places where you live and work.

ForeverLawn® Landscape™ artificial grass was created out of a need for a low-maintenance, lasting solution for residential and commercial landscapes. Years of research and development have yielded high quality artificial grass products that not only look like natural grass, but function well for lasting durability. 


ForeverLawn Landscape synthetic grass is crafted with the highest quality materials available to bring beauty and functionality to the spaces where you live, play, work, and create. Let us help you transform your property today!


Golf Greens

Premium synthetic grass offering exceptional durability, realism, and performance for the places where you live and work.

“A hush falls over the crowd. He steps up to the ball, clears his mind, sets up and… SINKS THE PUTT!!” With a golf putting green by ForeverLawn® you can live that moment over and over in your own backyard. Our professional quality artificial golf turf will improve your landscape and your short game.


Whether you are looking for a practice area to improve your game or a recreation spot for entertaining, GolfGreens® by ForeverLawn® is a great addition to any property. For practice greens at golf courses, hotels and resorts, or backyards, our realistic greens can enhance any environment.