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A 2017 study showed that more Floridians are exposed to unsafe drinking water than just about anywhere in the country.





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There’s bad stuff in your water, and you need  GALENE to make it great.  You don’t have all of the facts about your water. 



Take the brief true/false quiz below: 


1.) Well water doesn’t need to be treated.T or F

2.) Municipal water is safe to drink.T or F

3.) Pool water has less chlorine than your drinking water.T or F


4.) Municipal water never has odor or taste issues.T or F


The answers are: 


1.) FALSE-- well water should be treated because it is affected by changes in the environment, resulting in higher levels of chemicals and bacteria that cause both health problems and severe damage to your home. For example, that white film in your shower, sink, or tub and/or spotting on items in your dishwasher means hard water is coming from your well, so it needs to be purified. 


2.) TRUE-- municipal water is safe to drink in most cases, but it can have serious issues. For example, CBS News reports that Florida alone has 250,000 water pipes containing lead. 


3.) TRUE-- many municipalities rely on chlorine to kill waterborne organisms and bacteria, so much so that they use more of the chemical than your pool worker! When using chlorine or chloramines as a disinfectant, you create by-products that are known carcinogens. 


4.) FALSE--  Have you ever had water that smelled of rotten eggs? That icky smell is a result of an excess of sulfur in the water, which could indicate high levels of chemicals or pollution. USA Today reports, “drinking water contaminants can cause short-term illnesses… as well as chronic conditions including cancer and neurological disorders.”

Don’t you deserve the best, and safest, water? The experts at GALENE Water Treatment are poised to turn your bad water into great water with their sophisticated and affordable water treatment solutions. With GALENE, your water gets the VIP treatment, as the company goes the extra mile to ensure its superior quality by using UV light to kill 99.99% of any bacteria.