Selfie Nail and Salonbar

5380 Donald Ross Rd #110, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418, USA
The original owner of Tipsy in Jupiter is back in Palm Beach county and has opened the new Selfie Salonbar in Alton Plaza! Beth Nguyen has been the leading lady at many of their upscale salons that all feature a gorgeous spa featuring a beer and wine bar in the middle of the space. The franchise is run by their family of physicians and visionaries including Beth Nguyen, MD and Tipsy Med Spa Coordinator, and her siblings Tuan Nguyen, MD Hospitalist and Tipsy Medical Director, Thuy Nguyen, Orthodontist, and Thanh Nguyen who is the visionary who came up with the Tipsy and Selfie Salonbar concept. The franchise’s popular Salonbar concept has grown to over 20 locations throughout Florida and Georgia and Selfie Salonbar is the newest addition.
"Coming from a family background in the medical field, we pride ourselves on safety and cleanliness," said Beth Nguyen when she opened Tipsy - Wellington, FL.
The chic, fun, and highly modern salon always puts their client’s safety and satisfaction first and sanitation remains a top priority. Beth loves what she does and has a passion for taking care of her clients and keeping the energy in the upscale salon fun and personable. She is known for always going the extra mile to ensure that her guests have the highest level of service and leave feeling beautiful on the inside and out.
Selfie Salonbar uses an Autoclave machine to sterilize all of their tools that are placed in single use sterile packs for each individual service. This is the same sanitation method used in dental offices and hospitals. As an additional precaution, Beth has recently brought in a single use Hybrid Dip to offer customers that ensures that double dipping is eliminated from the Dip nail service. The salon offers something for everyone with hair services, nail services, waxing, microblading, facials, permanent makeup, lashes and a bar for clients to enjoy their favorite libations! They even offer multiple services at the same time for busy clients on the go. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today at Selfie Salonbar in Alton Plaza and treat yourself to a service and a mimosa!